America’s ToothFairy Receives $35,000 Grant from Delta Dental of Kentucky Foundation to Improve Children’s Oral Health

(Charlotte, NC, February 3, 2016)— With a $35,000 grant from Delta Dental of Kentucky Foundation, America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation will collaborate with community partners across the state of Kentucky to expand delivery of oral health education and care for underserved children.

Grant funding will support the expansion of oral health promotion in Kentucky by engaging high school students in the #MySmileMatters Youth Movement. #MySmileMatters is a national movement created by America’s ToothFairy to mobilize youth to raise the optics and conversation of children’s oral health. By providing step-­‐‑by-­‐‑step plans, resources, and incentives, #MySmileMatters unites and guides young people in making a positive impact on oral health in their communities.

University of Kentucky and University of Louisville dental and pre-­‐‑dental students will take action as well through student-­‐‑led oral health education programs in schools and other childcare settings. The grant will also resource school nurses, the most accessible health care provider for children, with hands-­‐‑on educational resources from America’s ToothFairy and tools to connect students to low-­‐‑ or no-­‐‑cost dental treatment.

“We are very grateful to Delta Dental of Kentucky Foundation for their generous support for this effort to improve the health and well-­‐‑being of children across the state,” said Fern Ingber, President and CEO of America’s ToothFairy. “By building a network of committed oral health promoters and students, we aim to elevate awareness of the critical importance of oral health for children and families in Kentucky.”

“Delta Dental of Kentucky Foundation is focused on ensuring children and adults in Kentucky receive high-­‐‑quality oral health education and dental care,” said Clifford T. Maesaka, Jr., President and CEO of Delta Dental of Kentucky. “Through this program and others, Delta Dental demonstrates its strong commitment to improving people’s oral and overall health.”

About Delta Dental of Kentucky

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