DentaQuest Foundation Awards Grant to America's ToothFairy for Nationwide Expansion of Youth Mentoring Program

(Charlotte, July 2, 2013) –The DentaQuest Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $369,500 to National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothFairy®(NCOHF).  America’s ToothFairy aggressively responds to the #1 chronic childhood illness, pediatric dental disease, by supporting a national network of community-based non-profit clinics and outreach programs providing oral health education and services for children of vulnerable populations.  The generous funding provided by the DentaQuest Foundation will support the America’s ToothFairy Youth Mentoring Initiative and the expansion of Students United for America’s ToothFairy chapters across the nation.

Pictured from left to right:  Michael Monopoli, DMD, MPH, MS, Director of Policy & Programs, DentaQuest Foundation; Fern Ingber, MEd, NCOHF President and CEO; Andrea Forsht, EdM, Grants & Programs Associate, DentaQuest Foundation; Ralph Fuccillo, MA, Chief Mission Officer, DentaQuest and President, DentaQuest Foundation; Matthew Bond, Grants & Programs Associate, DentaQuest Foundation

Utilizing established youth organizations and networks, this groundbreaking initiative will build on strong NCOHF partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and National Association of  School Nurses.  The America’s ToothFairy Youth Mentoring Initiative elevates the importance of oral health, highlights the inextricable link between oral and systemic health and encourages positive behavioral change among teens and children.  This nationwide mentoring program provides community youth organizations, clubs and individual students with bi-lingual, engaging oral health lessons that can be easily integrated into current leadership activities.

“We value National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothFairy as a key partner in the advancement of our mission to support and promote optimal oral health for all,” said Ralph Fuccillo, MA, Chief Mission Officer, DentaQuest, and President, DentaQuest Foundation.  “The DentaQuest Foundation is proud to support the America’s ToothFairy Youth Mentoring Initiative engaging teens and children, the youngest stakeholders in oral health promotion.”

“We are very grateful to the DentaQuest Foundation for their generous funding of the America’s ToothFairy Youth Mentoring Initiative as we work to engage all community stakeholders in promotion of positive oral health behaviors,” stated Fern Ingber, NCOHF President and CEO.    “Their support will enable America’s ToothFairy to empower youth leaders in communities throughout the U.S. with the educational tools and knowledge to inspire their peers and younger children.”

Funding support from caring individuals, generous corporations and foundations including the DentaQuest Foundation have enabled America’s ToothFairy to support the delivery of oral health education and care beginning at the prenatal level.

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