Brookfield HOSA teaches local third graders!

Earlier this year, six members of our HOSA chapter went to Mill Ridge Elementary School in Danbury to teach third graders about proper oral hygiene and hand washing.

Children cheered and laughed with delight as we began to sing and dance to the tooth brushing and hand washing song.The songs helped the children remember how to properly brush their teeth and wash their hands. The children laughed and sang even louder when we began to incorporate Spanish verses into the song. In terms of showing the children that brushing their teeth would help them be healthy, this song was only the beginning.

Then we invited two children up from the audience to demonstrate proper brushing and the importance of proper nutrition. Using a big magnetic tooth, the children brushed off the unhealthy foods with an extra-large toothbrush. At first the children experienced some difficulty removing the unhealthy food-inspired characters, reinforcing the idea that they have to brush their teeth really well to successfully remove their real-life counterparts. We engaged the audience by allowing them to choose which foods were tooth-friendly. Some answers were shaky at first, but they all seemed to catch on pretty quickly. One of our members was dressed as a banana throughout the presentation, and for this part used her costume and the wall behind her to mimic a banana sliding off the tooth. We also taught the children about germs, the side effects of unhealthy eating and poor oral hygiene. The educational fun did not stop there!

The presentation was a huge success! Brookfield HOSA enjoyed working with America’s ToothFairy to teach Mill Ridge Elementary School students how to protect their smiles! 


Written by Lexi Keffer

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