Cosmedent Donation Provides Valuable Dental Products for Non-Profit Clinics

Thanks to a generous product donation from Cosmedent, Inc., non-profit dental clinics supported by America’s ToothFairy will be able to continue providing underserved children with the important oral health services they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Valued at more than $139,000, the donation included dental composites and core build up materials, such as Cosmecore and Renamel products. These products were distributed to 10 member clinics of the America’s ToothFairy Dental Clinic Resource Program, a national network of non-profit dental clinics and partners dedicated to providing oral health services to underserved children and communities.

Working to support dental services and programs for children and families in need, the CareFIRST Carolina Foundation was very thankful for the valuable dental composites and build up materials. “These products wonderfully complement our effort to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality dental care available here in our area,” says Mark Sobiski, Foundation Director at the CareFIRST Carolina Foundation. “They will go a long way to assist our economically struggling families.”

Thank you, Cosmedent, for making a difference in the lives of children and families around the country!