Oral Health Education Program

The Oral Health Education Program (OHEP) provides an array of resources and tools to increase delivery of oral health education and promote oral health awareness among underserved children and youth. Included within OHEP are resources for health professionals, students, Boy and Girl Scouts, youth-serving organizations and community volunteers. Available resources and programs include resource toolkits, printed and downloadable materials, a project guide book, grants, scholarships, Kids Club, Boy & Girl Scout Patches and more.

Available Resources & Programs

 Oral Health Education Program Project Guide Book

NCOHF has combined all of its student/youth programs under the Oral Health Education Program (OHEP).  If you are seeking guidance on ways to increase oral heath awareness in your community, the Oral Health Education Program Project Guide Book is for you.  The book is built upon the public health model with the understanding people are influenced by systems and supports around them when it comes to healthy decisions and choices.  The projects are based on three categories:

  • Changing Beliefs
  • Changing Behaviors
  • Changing the Environment

The projects range from simple to more complex, but are no- to low-cost and often build upon each other.

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