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There is a lack of public awareness about the widespread nature of pediatric dental disease, its consequences and ways to prevent it. The consequences of childhood tooth decay are not isolated to physical pain. Children suffering with the disease are subject to malnutrition, the victims of bullying, are not prepared to learn in school and are emotionally stunted due to the damage it inflicts on their self-confidence. Likewise, the causes of pediatric dental disease, including but not limited to, little or no access to preventative education, clean, fluoridated drinking water, dental treatment, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential oral care supplies, further exacerbate the problem.

America’s ToothFairy works to address the problem of childhood tooth decay via the creation of national and regional partnerships  with organizations already serving at-risk youth in the places where they learn and play. We effectively integrate our smile-saving programs into summer feeding initiatives, back to school programs, and other similar efforts. We also work with these groups to raise national awareness of the problem providing easy to use portals filled with downloadable educational lessons, youth engagement tips and more for distribution to our partner's constituent groups.  

In addition, we have established Oral Health Zones  and a growing Affiliate Network made up of over 100 non-profit clinics and organizations across the country dedicated to working with us to eliminate childhood tooth decay via grassroots programs that galvanizes local funders, dental professionals/students, and organizations focused on helping the most vulnerable children in their communities.  

America’s ToothFairy is always seeking to maintain and create new meaningful and impactful relationships with local, regional and national charitable foundations interested in supporting our current and new programs. If you are a charitable foundation interested in supporting our efforts, we encourage you to contact Amber Holloway at  for more information. Also, please take a moment to read through our Policy Statements to further understand the public health consequences and issues directly impacting the prevention of pediatric dental disease. 

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