NCOHF Promotes Dental Careers at National Youth Conferences

Last month, NCOHF staff attended the HOSA–Future Health Professionals International Leadership Conference where more than 10,000 students and adult advisors were in attendance.  Held in Orlando, NCOHF provided a $1,000 scholarship to Joyce Wei, a future dentist, and hosted an exhibit booth where the Oral Health Education Program Guide Book was launched. Students from Southwest High School in El Centro, CA, facilitated a workshop highlighting the use of resources from NCOHF, which are found in the Guide Book. These students are former Youths of the Year, and many are seeking future careers in dentistry.  Having partnered with HOSA for several years now, we continue to see a growth in interest in tooth decay prevention among youth pursuing careers in the health professions.

NCOHF staff also attended the Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) National Leadership Conference in Nashville.  Bringing in more than 10,000 students and adult advisors, NCOHF gained more exposure to this growing student group.  FCCLA students are focused on careers as educators, architects, chefs and fashion designers.  We also met a few among the crowd wanting to be dental hygienists.

The Oral Health Education Program Guide Book is a collection of project ideas for students and volunteers wanting to promote oral health in their communities. Download the book or contact with questions about how your student group can get involved.