What We Do

Oral Health Programs - Head Start and America's ToothFairyPurpose:  Our purpose is to aggregate and distribute an array of resources to non-profit dental clinics and community partners reaching underserved youth. Although there are non-profit dental clinics providing free or low-cost care for underserved populations across the U.S., many of them lack necessary resources to serve all of the children who come to them for care or to expand to new areas. NCOHF provides these clinical partners financial grants, educational materials, donated products and equipment, and community programs to increase delivery of oral health education and essential dental services to children in need. Additionally, community and faith-based organizations, government agencies, schools, and other current and potential partners can utilize our resources to provide oral health education to the people they serve.

Organizational Goals:  NCOHF strives to have meaningful impact on children and youth—many identified as in need and underserved.  We believe in providing valuable resources to support the following related to underserved children:

  • Increased access to oral health care, with an emphasis on prevention
  • Increased access to oral health education and promotion of positive oral health behaviors

Organizational Measures:  Reducing tooth decay in children is influenced by multiple factors including oral health knowledge and access to care. NCOHF contributes to the overall dental health and wellness of children through the provision of resources. To demonstrate NCOHF’s impact on the organizations and partners we serve, and in turn children who need these services, we collect the following data annually:

  • The number of children who received education and/or dental services as a result of NCOHF support
  • Amount of funds invested through grants to improving children’s oral health outcomes (i.e., value of donated products and services provided)
  • Number of ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kits and other oral health education materials distributed
  • Number of dental care products distributed through Smile Drive, a national campaign aimed at raising awareness and access to basic dental supplies

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