Access to Care Programs

NCOHF provides two programs increasing access to dental services for children in need:  the Dental Resource Program and In the Gap.

Formerly known as the Affiliate Network, the Dental Resource Program (DRP) expands access to dental care by providing support to non-profit dental clinics and programs that provide prevention services and comprehensive dental care for underserved children and youth throughout the US. Resources available to member clinics include oral health educational materials, financial grants, donated dental products and equipment, and community engagement programs.  Since its inception, NCOHF has provided more than $18 million in donated resources and programs.

The In the Gap Program supports the direct care of a specific child in need of services that insurance does not cover or for which a family is unable to pay. In partnership with members of the Dental Resource Program, children in need of more extensive restorative care, sedation or specialist services are able to complete their treatment plans and enjoy restored oral health and wellness.