Dental Clinic Resource Program

Affiliate Network Dental Clinics treatmentThrough the Dental Clinic Resource Program, America’s ToothFairy expands delivery of oral health services by providing an array of support to nonprofit dental service providers. Since our inception in 2006, America’s ToothFairy has distributed more than $17 million in financial and in-kind resources to nonprofit dental clinics across the country.

Resources available to member clinics include:

  • Bilingual oral health educational materials
  • Financial grants to expand oral health education, internal
    capacity and access to care
  • Donated dental products and equipment
  • Opportunities to participate in national oral health
    awareness campaigns
  • Free America’s ToothFairy programs and resources to
    support local oral health efforts

Member clinics demonstrate a shared commitment to oral health education, prevention of pediatric dental disease, and addressing barriers to care. Member clinics are:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Committed to delivering oral health education at each encounter with a child
  • Able to provide oral health services or referrals to children in need of care

“The product and financial support you have given us has really helped our advance our service mission to the most needy underserved children.”

John W. Reinhardt, DDS, MS, MPH, Professor and Dean, University of Nebraska College of Dentistry


“Thank you for your support! It’s hard to express how great it is to see children who have never seen a dentist now be able to have access to quality preventive and restorative care.”

Mark Sobiski, Foundation Manager, CareFIRST Carolina Foundation for CareSouth Carolina; Division of Dental Medicine

For a listing of the programs in our Dental Clinic Resource Program by state please click here.

Types of Participating Programs:

Our Dental Clinic Resource Program has a variety of community children’s oral health programs providing preventive, educational and treatment services for children of the most vulnerable populations.

  • University Dental Programs
  • University Dental Hygiene Programs
  • Community Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospital-Based Dental Clinics
  • Stand Alone Dental Clinics
  • School-Based Programs
  • Mobile-Portable Units
  • Partnerships

Find out more about the Types of Programs in our network.

Interested in becoming a member of our Dental Clinic Resource Program? Contact Robin Vann at or call 800-559-9838.