Dental Resource Program Grants

Based upon available funding, NCOHF provides grants to Dental Resource Program (DRP) participants aimed at increasing educational outreach, as well as access to care.  We know these things need to be flexible and may vary from clinic to clinic, therefore, we have a grant structure supporting everything from adding educational programming to the clinical environment to funding staff or equipment.

Grant Types

  • Expanding Access to Care: Supporting acquisition of equipment/products (in the event they cannot be supplied through NCOHF), expand scheduled hours, address cultural or language barriers; and/or introduce new means to reach more children in need of care
  • Expanding Internal Capacity: Staff training, staff time/salary, infrastructure development (i.e., systems, tracking, etc.)
  • Innovative Oral Health Education Programs: Development of educational materials and programs beyond what is currently available and/or an educational program reaching a specific demographic or addressing a specific need

 Apply for a DRP Grant by accessing the application within the DRP Portal. Login here with the credentials provided to you by NCOHF.

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