America's ToothFairy Oral Health Zone Program

Oral Health Zone Healthy Community

Building Healthier Communities Through Oral Health Zones

As the core of all America's ToothFairy / Canada's ToothFairy activities, each Oral Health Zone (OHZ) engages all community stakeholders in a comprehensive approach to breaking the cycle of childhood tooth decay and the devastating effects it has on their communities.

  • Civic organizations can identify need and raise funds to support the delivery of oral health services.
  • Businesses can provide funding and promote community events highlighting the importance of oral health.
  • Government officials can support preventive services and oral health education.
  • Schools and other education centers can improve the oral health literacy of community members.
  • Faith-based organizations can participate in outreach activities with underserved populations.
  • Healthcare providers can deliver vital preventive and restorative oral health services.

America's ToothFairy Oral Health Zone Program Goals

  • Increase oral health literacy to improve health behaviors among children, their caregivers and teens
  • Elevate interest in oral health and improve oral health behaviors
  • Provide oral health services in areas where children are currently without access to care
  • Increase in the number of children with oral health needs being identified and completing necessary treatment
  • Establishment of an effective tracking system to measure program efficacy
  • Reduction in tooth decay among at-risk children


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