Printed & Downloadable Educational Materials

NCOHF provides FREE downloadable educational materials to those providing oral health education and outreach to children and youth, as well as parents/caregivers.  We know many non-profit organizations do not have budgets to purchase educational materials, so we make our materials available for download at no cost.  Printing of these documents requires no further permissions. Click on the thumbnails below to view and download.

Tips from the ToothFairy:
a two-sided document of basic oral health tips in English & Spanish

thumbnail of Tips_2017_english-spanish [gen F]

5 Core Lessons Packet:
a set of scripted lessons to teach the basics of oral health to children

thumbnail of ATCommEdKit_2017 Core Lessons f

My Health Mouth Educational Coloring Book: (Pre-K  to 2nd grade)thumbnail of AT_ColoringBook_nonReader_v2

My Healthy Mouth Educational Coloring Book: (3rd to 5th grade)

thumbnail of AT_ColoringBook_Reader_v2

Brush & Floss Chart

thumbnail of Brush Floss Chart

ToothFairy Coloring Page

thumbnail of ToothFairyColoringPage

SuperTooth Coloring Page

thumbnail of SuperTooth

Healthy Foods Coloring Page

thumbnail of Healthy Foods

The Big Four Coloring Page

thumbnail of Big Four

I Like My Teeth Coloring Page

thumbnail of I like my teeth because

Oral Health Tools Coloring Page

thumbnail of Toothbrush Coloring Page

 Molar Memory Game

thumbnail of Molar Memory

 Sorting Snacks Game

thumbnail of Sorting Snacks