Army Reserve Portal

America’s ToothFairy is proud to partner with the Private Public Partnership (P3) Office of the U.S. Army Reserve in an effort to provide information related to positive oral health habits and behaviors to USAR Family Members. As part of this effort, America’s ToothFairy is providing this portal for use during community events, health fairs, and as needed to grow the understanding of the significance of oral health in both children and parents. Below are resources provided through this partnership for use by USAR families and those who serve them.

In Need of Dental Care?

America’s ToothFairy does NOT provide dental care, but we can provide some assistance in finding low- to no-cost care for those without insurance, those with state plans or those with Medicaid.

All states have safety and non-profit dental clinics providing services at low- to no-cost and often accepting Medicaid. Simply search in any web browser for “safety and non-profit dental clinics” along with the name of your state, and a list will surface.

If you have a state plan or Medicaid, use the widget below to select your state and plan, then refine your search by address.

America’s ToothFairy also partners with two national organizations that provide access to orthodontic care (braces) for children who cannot afford them. For more information, go here.

Educational Resources

America’s ToothFairy has an array of available educational resources for use with children, youth and families. Below are links you may use to download and print resources for events and venues where this information may benefit USAR children and families.

Tips from the ToothFairy (for parents/caregivers): a two-sided bilingual document providing oral health tips for parents/caregivers

Tips from the ToothFairy

Kids Activity Packet (ages 3-11): 12+ educational activity sheets for children

English         Spanish

Ratoncito Perez Educational Video (for Pre-K to 1st grade): A short video provided by Delta Dental providing the story of Ratoncito Perez, the Hispanic equivalent to the American ToothFairy.

Educational & Community-Based Programs

Oral Health Education Program Project Guide:  An interactive plan to assist anyone who wants to be an advocate for children’s dental health and wellness.

Boy/Girl Scout Patch Program (for all ages):  A program designed for Boy or Girl Scout Troops to earn a Real Life Superhero patch for oral health activities. 2,000 patches are available now for free while supplies last!

Smile Drive (for everyone): America’s ToothFairy is home to the annual Smile Drive, an effort to collect dental care products and distribute them to children and youth in need. While this effort is concentrated in February, National Children’s Dental Health Month, groups can register and conduct Smile Drives any time they choose to. We recommend doing them for Back-to-School, the holidays and in February. For more information, go here.

Other Educational Resources

ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit (primarily for children under 12, but can be used with pregnant mothers and older youth): This is a comprehensive hands-on tool used to provide oral health lessons to children and youth. Contact for more information.

If you have questions about any of these resources, email and we will get back with you as soon as possible.