Special Olympics Portal

ToothFairy 101 Community Education KitAmerica’s ToothFairy provides the ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit to Special Olympics leaders and others needing a hands-on tool for teaching positive oral health behaviors to children with intellectual disabilities. The kit includes a magnetic, double-sided display board, magnets and giant toothbrush, along with comprehensive oral health lessons. Contact programs@ncohf.org or call 800-559-9838 for more information.

America’s ToothFairy Kids’ Club

Four times per year, Kids’ Club members receive educational activities, tips and personalized letters from the ToothFairy that encourage healthy habits! Each letter arrives by postal mail and includes ideas for parents and caregivers that help in the establishment and maintenance of healthy daily routines. Kids’ Club tips and activities effectively reinforce classroom and group activities, clinic visits and wellness initiatives. Register here.

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