ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit Portal

Thank you for your interest in the ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit provided by America’s ToothFairy. This portal contains resources to help you use your Kit and to increase interaction during Kit lessons. You are encouraged to come back to the portal often to see if we have added new resources or to revisit the lessons ensuring the most effective delivery.

Kit Lessons

The ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit comes with a 275-page curriculum inclusive of 12 lessons in both English and Spanish. Lessons provided in this book range from information for pregnant mothers to how alcohol, tobacco and other drugs impact oral health appropriate for teens. We encourage you to download the book once, place it in a binder, and refer to it often. It contains many printable resources for children you may find helpful in delivering Kit lessons.

Download all 12 ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit Lessons

5 Core Lesson Packet

America’s ToothFairy understands it may be difficult to deliver the 12 full lessons provided with the Kit. We have developed 5 basic lesson scripts covering brushing, flossing, handwashing, germ transmission, and nutrition. This is a more ideal approach for middle & high school students to use when teaching younger children.

Download the 5 Core Lessons


Oral Health Education Program Project Guide

Looking for ways to increase oral heath awareness in your community? Need service project ideas for students? Our Oral Health Education Program Project Guide provides oral health activities and projects you can do in your community.

Children’s Activity Sheets

To bolster Kit lessons, America’s ToothFairy provides a set of activity sheets for printing in both English and Spanish. Additional printed materials can be found here.

Pre-, Post- and Follow Up Tests

All recipients of free ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kits are REQUIRED to provide MATCHED* pre- and post-tests as part of the agreement in receiving a Kit. Below, you will find Testing and Reporting Instructions, as well as tests appropriate for various age groups.

Testing Instructions: Information on how to conduct tests properly

Reporting Form: Information on how to provide your test results to America’s ToothFairy. This form should accompany ALL tests.

Testing Documents:

If you have questions about testing, email us at

*Tests that are not matched are not usable by America’s ToothFairy. All tests should have a name (first name only) or identifiable code on it to allow matching of a pre- and post-test to occur.  We encourage test administrators to match the tests (staple the pre- and post-tests of each individual child together) prior to mailing them to America’s ToothFairy.