Chabot College Dental Hygiene ProgramHere are some oral health resources that will help you find dental care for your child and keep their smile healthy!

Need to find Dental Care for your child?

America’s ToothFairy knows it is hard to maneuver your insurance coverage, what Medicaid will pay for and just what type of dentist to see and when. To help you locate providers in your area, use the search system below. Input the requested information and you will be directed to a list of dental professionals who could meet your current needs.

Also, members of our Dental Clinic Resource Program provide care for underserved populations.

Oral Health Resources

  • Find out what you need to know about your child’s oral health on the Facts About Tooth Decay page!
  • The Parents Corner has fun activities, ideas and online resources for ensuring a healthy smile for your family!
  • Questions about water fluoridation? Check out the Campaign for Dental Health  website to learn what you need to know about community water fluoridation. There is also a Spanish language website. Find information on fluoride and preventing children’s tooth decay. A search function makes it easy to ask questions and find answers about fluoridation. Also check out this recent fluoridation study and response by the CDC.
  • Visit our videos page for important messages from America’s ToothFairy / Canada’s ToothFairy on protecting your child’s smile!
  • Sign up for the FREE Kids Club for fun educational activities, tips and personalized letters from the ToothFairy!
  • America’s ToothFairy is proud to support water as THE drink of choice.  If you are looking for resources on promoting drinking water over other beverages, check out this free toolkit and fact sheet from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  • This Big List of Oral Health Resources is a great collection of helpful information all in one place.

Articles About Children’s Oral Health