Products With a Smile-Saving Cause

Check out these smile-saving products with a cause from our supporters! A percentage of the proceeds from sales of these products and services will be donated to America's ToothFairy to help rescue children from pain and provide oral health services for underserved youth.  

3M Oral Care

3M Oral Care donates dollars and Vanish™ 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish  to America’s ToothFairy to support preventive services and treatment for children in need.  Vanish™ 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish is the top-selling fluoride varnish in the U.S.

GC America

GC America donates a portion of  Glass Ionomer  restorative products to America's ToothFairy to transform children’s dental pain into healthy smiles and bright futures. 

Fuji II LC

GC Fuji II LC® is GC America’s light cured, radiopaque, resin reinforced glass ionomer restorative with outstanding aesthetics, excellent translucency, and continual, rechargeable Fluoride release. Fuji II LC forms a strong chemical bond with tooth structure and is ideal for Class III, Class V, cervical erosion and root surface caries, its #1 use is as a base/liner in the sandwich technique. Easy procedure, reduced chair time, fewer steps than composites and clinically proven!


EQUIA® Forte is an innovative bulk-fill, Fluoride-releasing restorative system that combines EQUIA® Forte Fil, a high strength glass hybrid restorative and EQUIA® Forte Coat, a wear resistant, self-adhesive, light cured resin coating. EQUIA® Forte builds on the remarkable clinical performance of original EQUIA® and presents an effective alternative to amalgam, composites and compomers.  With its new glass hybrid technology, improved flexural strength, acid and wear resistance, EQUIA® Forte is indicated for Class I, stress and non-stress bearing Class II and Class V restorations.

GC Fuji IX GP (Original, Fast and Extra)

The packable non-sticky consistency of GC Fuji IX GP® FAMILY makes it ideal to use in Class I, II (non-stress bearing) & V restorations, and as a base or core build up material. The excellent self-cure, Fluoride release, biomimetic glass ionomer properties, in combination with the ease of use, ensure that the Fuji IX GP family meets all of your demands of modern restorative materials. GC Fuji IX GP FAST sets twice as fast as GC Fuji IX GP, GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA has an even faster setting time, releases more fluoride and is extra translucent


GC Fuji TRIAGE is the revolutionary glass ionomer sealant and surface protectant. It is fantastic at keeping young patients' teeth cavity-free. There is no isolation or bonding agent required. It works in a moist field. With this product, you'll never have to worry about sealing over immature enamel or non-cavitated lesions. The self-bonding, high fluoride releasing GC Fuji TRIAGE creates a strong, acid-resistant fused layer.


A percentage of sales of all Septodont Toothfairy BPA-Free Pit & Fissure Sealants goes to smile-saving programs for at-risk children.  Septodont also donates sealants to support the America's ToothFairy Sealant Initiative that will seal more than 3 million teeth in 2015. Contact your dental dealer to order Toothfairy Sealants.


Patterson Dental

Patterson® TactileGuard Ultra 3G™ Nitrile Exam Gloves

Patterson Dental donates a portion of all Patterson® TactileGuard Ultra 3G™ Nitrile Exam Gloves  sales to America's ToothFairy to support programs for vulnerable youth. Click here to learn more.


Also, each year, during the months of May and June, a generous percentage of sales in the designated blue section of the Patterson Dental  Sparkle  catalog is donated to America's ToothFairy. Look for these products in your  Sparkle  catalog and place your order! 2015 participating companies include  BeeSure, Centrix, Inc., Certol International, Cranberry, DentalEZ Integrated Solutions, Ivoclar Vivadent, Kerr Corporation, Mydent International, Premier® Dental Products Company, Pulpdent Corporation, SDI (North America) Inc., Septodont, SS White Dental, and Whip Mix Corporation.




Wells Fargo Practice Finance

Wells Fargo Practice Finance donates $100 from every loan closing to America's ToothFairy. Combining capital investment with business planning tools and professional resources, they help practitioners acquire, build, equip and refinance their practices.


RxRobots donates a portion of all MEDi™ sales into dentistry to America's ToothFairy to deliver oral health education and care for at-risk children.  MEDi™ is the first humanoid robot programmed with behaviors proven to reduce children’s pain by 50% using cognitive-behavioral interventions.



Kaya Dental

Kaya Dental is a new online resource for dental supplies — everything from curing lights to materials for dental implants, electric toothbrushes to small dental equipment. Kaya Dental donates a percentage of every sale to America's ToothFairy to help children in need. 

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