ToothFairy 101® Community Education Kit

The ToothFairy 101® Community Education Kit is an interactive tool for children and youth to learn about the daily essentials of proper dental care. Youth of all ages can benefit from lessons on brushing, flossing, tooth-friendly nutritional choices and how the body’s overall health benefits from proper oral hygiene.

The ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit includes a double-sided magnetic display board, magnets, and giant toothbrush. Kit users also receive access to the ToothFairy 101 Online Portal with downloadable activity sheets, a 12-lesson bi-lingual curriculum, and other free resources and tools. The kit is designed to equip dental and non-dental specialists with easy-to-use tools including scripted lessons, fun educational print outs and tools for oral care demonstrations. There is a lot to learn from the “ToothFairy’s” Community Education Kit!

Efficacy of the ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit

In 2016, ETR Services provided an independent review of the effectiveness of the ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit in increasing knowledge and changing behaviors related to children’s dental health. They found that the Kit effectively increases knowledge of oral health among children.

For example, early elementary school children (grades Pre-K to 3rd) increased their knowledge of when to brush their teeth to nearly 100% after receiving Kit lessons. The number of early elementary students who knew the correct amount of toothpaste to use while brushing doubled after receiving Kit lessons. Nearly 100% of the individuals (across all age groups) tested knew to brush their teeth twice a day after receiving Kit lessons. Adults receiving Kit lessons increased their knowledge of how long children should brush their teeth. Additional information on these four data points.

Read the full Findings Report.

How to Request a Free ToothFairy 101 Kit for your Outreach Program:

First, please review the criteria for receiving a free ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit:

  • You are affiliated with a public health organization/school/community group/youth-serving organization or are a dental professional. For example, you may be a school health educator, church youth leader, public health professional, educator, etc.
  • You are requesting no more than 1 Kit.
  • You have the potential to reach at least 250 children/youth per year.
  • You agree to collect matched pre- and post-tests on at least 70% of children/youth reached with the Kit.
  • You agree to use, at a minimum, the 5 Core Lessons in multiple sessions.

If you meet the above criteria, please complete the Kit Request Form.

A Supplement for Youth and Young Adults with Special Needs has been developed to accompany our ToothFairy 101 Community Education Kit benefiting youth and young adults with special needs and their educators. This supplement is designed to introduce students to the importance of oral health care knowledge. We have taken the 5 Core Lessons on Brushing, Flossing, Hand Washing, Germs and Cavities, and Nutrition and provided modifications specifically for individuals with special needs.