Training & Educational Videos

Dental Health Videos & Training Videos

Look below for helpful training videos on the use of your ToothFairy 101® Community Education Kit!  You will find helpful hints, demonstrations and more!

About Your Kit
Introduction to Your Community Education Kit Video

Oral Hygiene – Toothbrushing & Flossing Lessons
Toothbrushing Lesson Training Video
Toothbrushing Song Demonstration Video

Germ Transmission Prevention (Glass Sharing & Hand Washing Lessons)
Hand Washing Lesson Training Video
Hand Washing Song Demonstration

Nutrition – Toothfriendly Snacks Lesson
Toothfriendly Snacks Lesson Training Video
Toothfriendly Snacks Lesson Demonstration

Acid Mouth
Acid Mouth Lesson Training Video

Prenatal Videos

Prenatal Oral Health Program: What New Mothers Should Know
Courtesy of University of North Carolina

Prenatal Oral Health Program: Keep Your Baby Cavity Free
Courtesy of University of North Carolina

Watch it in Spanish:

The Adventures of Ratoncito Pérez

In many cultures in Latin America and Spain, the tradition of the ToothFairy is replaced by a little mouse, El Ratoncito Pérez. Legend has it, he lived in a box of cookies and similar to the American ToothFairy, he visits little children at night to leave a gift under their pillow when they have lost a tooth. El Ratoncito Pérez, brought to you by Delta Dental, brings with him not just great stories and adventures, but also a chance for children to learn positive oral health behaviors. Check out this video to learn more!