RxRobots to Donate Portion of MEDi Robot Sales to America’s ToothFairy

RxRobot_ATlogo(Charlotte, NC, February 23, 2016) – America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation® and RxRobots announced today a new cause marketing partnership to support oral health services for at risk children.

RxRobots is the creator of MEDiTM, an innovative robot used in medical and dental offices to comfort children during office visits and procedures. MEDi is the first humanoid robot proven using randomized control trials to reduce children’s pain by 50% using cognitive behavioral interventions. RxRobots will donate a portion of all MEDi dental sales to America’s ToothFairy to support delivery of oral health services and education for underserved children.

“RxRobots is proud to donate a portion of MEDi sales to America’s ToothFairy, supporting their valuable efforts to improve the health and well being of underserved children,” said Mark Williams, RxRobots President and CEO. “We believe our dental clients will be delighted to join us in this effort to expand delivery of vital oral health services for at risk children and youth.”

“America’s ToothFairy is very grateful to RxRobots for their generous philanthropic commitment to our smile saving programs,” said Fern Ingber, America’s ToothFairy President and CEO. “By developing new technology to reduce children’s pain and providing direct support to children’s oral health programs, RxRobots has not only established itself as a leader in innovation, but one in philanthropy as well. We look forward to a valuable partnership that impacts the lives and smiles of children and families across the country.”

About RxRobots

RxRobots logo for webRxRobots has created MEDiTM, the first humanoid robot proven using randomized control trials to reduce children’s pain by 50% during medical procedures using cognitive behavioral interventions. MEDi was also able to increase vaccination rates by 10% by calming children that were otherwise kicking, screaming and biting the nurses and unable to be vaccinated. MEDi is now calming dental patients of all ages.

RxRobots develops proprietary robot behaviors called RxApplicationsTM that combine interventions with the best practices of the dentist office. RxRobots is a value added reseller of the Aldebaran NAO robot and is Aldebaran’s strategic partner for the dental care market. The MEDi Kit includes everything dentists require including a child friendly, humanoid robot, tablet, dental applications, customization services, support and warranty. For more information, contact sales@rxrobots.com or call (403) 890 6239.