Video Chat with the ToothFairy!

Want to give your child the opportunity to talk to the ToothFairy? A fun, new app developed by Standard Media Company will allow your child to have realistic, interactive video chats with the ToothFairy that you can record and share.

Even very young children love seeing the Tooth Fairy as she talks directly to them about loose teeth, lost teeth, brushing their teeth, going to the dentist, and much more. Choose from six pre-recorded interactive calls. All you do is select a call and let your child start speaking with the Tooth Fairy.  When your child is done answering a question, tap anywhere on the screen, and she will say the next line of dialogue. Calls are automatically video recorded, creating a fun, lasting memory of when your child loses a tooth. The app was created by the makers of the #1 Christmas App, “Video Calls With Santa.”

A portion of every sale benefits America’s ToothFairy and our programs for children. Download “Video Calls with Tooth Fairy” on the App Store or Google Play.