ToothFairy 101 and the America's ToothFairy Community Education Kit

Our Affiliate Network and volunteers in our Signature Programs use the Community Education Kit and other components of the ToothFairy 101 curriculum to promote healthy behaviors and share preventive strategies with members of their community.  Click the link below to see the  America's ToothFairy Community Education Kit and download the scripted lessons, training videos, handouts, and worksheets! 

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Meet America's ToothFairy

America's ToothFairy, reaching at-risk children with oral health services

Oral health impacts a child's overall health, self esteem and ability to thrive.  At National Children's Oral Health Foundation, known as America's ToothFairy, we believe that every child deserves a healthy smile. 

In 2013, support from America's ToothFairy helped to provide:

  • 568,337 children with preventive services
  • 135,157 children with restorative care
  • 1,123,299 with oral health education

Since its inception, America's ToothFairy has helped to improve the lives of millions of children through quality compassionate treatment, preventive and educational services.

Thanks to these generous Corporate Underwriters, all other donations go directly to helping children in need.

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